Houren appears A New Breakthrough of millettech’s web design work

Millettech has finished the construction of the Houren net smoothly,which is one of life-service websites . Houren is a a new Breakthrough of millettech’s web design work.Services like Corporation recruitment ,City Friends ,Shopping center ,part-time job and so forth simplify people’s life .Technologies like PHP,HTML, CSS,,JQUERY,AJAX are used in the processing of the web design .Many functions are set, search,shopping center ,comment ,register ,pictures upload ,QQ login are included,which makes visitors feel more convenient and practical.enter the website ,view is the various styles of women living supplies, covers the skirt, dress, bag, shoes, jewelry, etc. Text Below the picture is a simple description of goods, you can understand the price, design, color of product. The attention, is convenient for you to collect, you can check them anytime .Your comment is a faithful feedback to the construction of the Houren network ,The website construction will be strengthened , The service quality will be improved according to your comments. Like brings many women sharing your joyousness, paying more attention to our products .Hot catalog in the Home page provide navigation for visitors so as to enable you to find what you need quickly in the website.Overall ,the Home page displays the main style of the Houren website.
Furthermore,website construction of Houren gathers Application service in 58 net,Shopping center of Taobao net, making friends in Renren net at an organic whole,Which is a new breakthrough of millettech web design .The new experience of the comprehensive function , gives you a outstanding feeling. Join the Houren network , construct a new life.

life-service web design work