Introduction of Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when mobile phones had used only for the purpose of making voice calls. The first mobile phone, during testing, weighed about 30 pounds, and the applications installed on it had only designed to support outgoing and incoming calls. Over time, mobile phones were a number of integrated functions, and we had a crucial influence on the revolution in mobile application development
Mobile Application Development, is developing an application, that can serve as an additional feature of the use of portable device. Applications can be downloaded by end users using a variety of software platforms for mobile devices

The basic idea of the development of mobile applications has changed the way we communicate with each other. On this basis, the idea has become a Mobile Application Development technology, which focuses on violence, and has dramatically increased accordingly. Several applications have developed to support mobile devices, too. While c mobile phones have become a basic requirement for all, the demand for them has increased quite exceptionally. The market is now booming with varieties of smartphones with the latest applications developed

Mobile applications are developing on platforms. Some of these include Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Several companies are busy offering mobile application development services such as the design of the Mobile App, a mobile website design, mobile advertising, and the possible development of the mobile analysis and reporting, mobile communications, mobile, and a break to restore technology, programming-based mobile services -based Pocket PC and many other add-on.Development of mobile applications is certainly not an easy task. Applications designers and developers face many challenges and obstacles in the development and creation of applications that meet customers’ needs. It is clear that the development of mobile applications has become an indispensable tool for organizations and individuals who seek elevated position.
Mobile app development is essential for businesses also to improve the transaction with its customers. Mobile marketing and transfer of money has quickly adopted by many people; as such, any company that wants to stay relevant in today’s market is to develop an application that best suits the need of its customers. The convenience and flexibility of these applications is dear to many people, and It is only beneficial that companies take this under consideration when searching for customer satisfaction.

An introduction to mobile applications

The fast emerging world of mobile applications for corporates is introduced, using easy to follow concepts and examples, centred on existing corporate strategy.Moving to the world of mobile involves a degree of change. Changing internal processes, changing the way customers interact with you, changing the way data flows and so on. So inherent in implementing a mobile strategy should be consideration of change management. With that said let’s crack on.The ultimate starting point, whether you are a manager in a multi-national corporation or an owner of a local company is to consider your current strategic objectives and goals, in the context of mobile technologies. The wider you cast your net initially, the more likely you are to emerge with 2 or 3 really significant ways forward. Review at a really granular level. Considering ‘Increasing Sales 10% in 2010’, is perhaps to top level. ‘Acquiring 15000 new customers in the 2nd half of the year, for brand ABC’ is more like it.The top drivers for the implementation of mobile marketing technologies are, in our opinion:* Cost reduction * New revenue channels * New customer acquisition * Brand image strengthening; and * Competitive pressuresCOST REDUCTION Every marketing action costs. Look at the major elements. For example a local pizza franchise will probably employ more extra folk for the 3 evenings of the weekend to cope with incoming telephone orders. Converting that order flow to mobile would immediately reduce call volume thereby saving staff costs. And provide an alternative order channel for customers, some of whom may prefer it to phone, email or web.Certain workers complete written forms for routine, if important tasks. For example, Insurance Damage Assessors. Often these are required to be physically sent to a central administration office. A simple template on the employee’s mobile/cell handset could save significant transport cost, retyping costs and much time.NEW REVENUE CHANNELS A high fashion online business took the unusual step to survey customers asking how the customer accessed their web site to place orders. A significant, though small percentage, had ordered directly from their iPhone on the web browser. The website is configured for a large PC screen so tricky to navigate on a mobile screen. How do you think launching the website in an iPhone optimised version would be received by iPhone users? Clearly they’d be delighted. If they battled through the tough previous version, a user friendly one would attract more custom. It will, for you too.Some businesses sell their services, goods, tickets or events by promoting sales face to face, in shopping malls, offices and so on. Using a mobile phone as a Virtual Card Terminal opens up taking payment from the customer by credit or debit card – no longer will genuine would be buyers be turned away because they do not have sufficient cash on them – the buyers would be able to complete the purchase through the use of their card instantly.Mobile offers diverse routes for prospects to order from suppliers, in many cases creating new customer segments and channels.NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION One of the ultimate strengths of mobile. Say you are a mom & pop restaurant in the USA or a local pub in the UK. Offer an incentive involving sending a relevant key word (say ‘beer’) by text/SMS to a number set up to receive such messages. The customer gets a message back on their mobile in plain text or varying degrees of sophistication by way of a bar-code. That message is a coupon entitling the customer to whatever you have offered – free garlic bread with their meal, 10% off their entire bill today only, and so on. The business gets the customer’s mobile number. And twice a month thereafter sends out new promotions to all of those mobile customers, such as: Tonight only – 2 for the price of one. Or fundraising sports quiz at the local pub on Monday evening. Keeping your brand top of mind with your customers, all of whom have given you permission to send them mobile messages. Offering all recipients an opt-out is good practise.From diners to gambling mobile offers strong customer acquisition potential, in general with higher response and conversion rates.BRAND IMAGE STRENTHENING Mobile is very hot. 2010 has seen the emergence of mobile applications for a variety of reasons, after several false starts – that is the subject of a separate article. Suffice to say that using mobile is not only good sense for inherent reasons, such as those outlined above of cost reduction or revenue enhancement. Using a relatively innovative approach adds to a brand’s identity and the overall corporate image. Many customers welcome the use of mobile in their relationship with suppliers.So, consider the tin of baked beans sitting on the store shelf. On the label is a message that says text ‘bean’ to 123456 and receive 20 cents off at the cash till. On mobile, the customer receives a message, against which the store will provide a discount at check out.Or on a bottle of your favourite soft drink, fruit juice or mineral water there is an offer to send in a text/SMS describing how XYZ brand is adding to your enjoyment today. The top 100 entries receive a case of the beverage monthly for the next year. Suddenly, loads of those remote, previously unidentifiable consumers are sending you their mobile number, and are ready to receive their next promotional text from their preferred beverage provider.Simple marketing promotions, sale promotions, loyalty programmes, to enhance your brand, and achieve other mobile campaign objectives too.COMPETITIVE PRESSURES Sooner or later your industry will be subject to the adoption of mobile technologies. Right now, the early wave of consumer applications are coming to the fore … consumer banking and big retailers are making waves in early 2010.You may think that you are immune …. but as surely as one adopted the fax, the PC, the internet, one will inevitably look at mobile. Remember when mobile telephones were first introduced and some companies had policies not allowing outgoing calls to mobile numbers? How silly we look now.OK, so perhaps you are in one of those industries which you think may be one of the last to go mobile. Let’s take car manufacturing. If you are the first car brand who automatically wakes up an application on your customer’s mobile, 4 weeks after they took delivery of their brand new Exec model, with a message that says something like:Barry, we at BMW hope that you are enjoying every minute of driving your luxury 730i. Please text or call Sue on 077000000 if there’s anything we can do to further enhance your driving pleasure. By responding to this message, we’ll ship to you a pre-release BMW Seven Series cap with our compliments.Just another small step to cementing that relationship … and making it more difficult for any other car brand to switch this buyer to their product.CONCLUSION Have you got any ideas for mobile applications yet? Yes, you probably have several in mind by now! These 5 drivers can be used over and over again in your quest for growing, sustainable profits. Remember to look with an open mind. Go deep into your processes. The approach may be as simple as complimenting an existing print, TV, poster or online campaign, or be entirely, uniquely mobile. This is a new landscape – enjoy being a pioneer, safe in the knowledge that the tools are well proven, cost effective and are the most widely used technology around.

Offshore Web Development Services

Millettech web development team is one of the biggest departments in our offshore software development company and offers full circle of web development services to help our clients optimize their business performance on the market.
Our professional web development company combines efforts of high qualified web developers, talented designers and QA Engineers, updated with Web 2.0 technologies and latest techniques and accumulating deep knowledge and strong expertise for the customers’ specific projects.
Our offsore web development company bridge the gap between creative user friendly web interface and innovative cutting edge solutions. Millettech web development team’s commitment is to provide customer oriented web site development services of the highest quality to companies that seek to cut down their expenditures with no loose in technology issues.
Our team has acquired profound experience in custom web development solutions for various areas and integrates strong expertise with specific business requirements to be successful on the market.
Our outsourcing web development solutions cover the following areas:
B2B and B2C web portals;
Online communities;
e-Commerce sites;
Database driven sites;
Web adaptation over WAP;
WAP application development;
Payment Gateways integration;
Password Protection.
At Millettech our offshore web development services are generated towards integration of professional design and technical programming and allow delivering well built and optimized solutions.
Our team of experts embraces strong skills in PHP, OOP, LAMP, MySQL, Web 2.0, JavaScript, AJAX, Perl, Drupal, Zend, Joomla, Flash, etc. and possesses good experience in various custom applications development.
Millettech outsourcing web application development services include:
PHP web development;
E-commerce Solutions;
Web Content Management System;
Flash/Flex Development;
ASP.NET development;
Website Maintenance.
PHP programming
At Millettech PHP development is one of core services and our strong developers are experts in creating dynamic and interactive websites very quickly and with the highest quality. Our PHP developers thoroughly review our customer’s business ideas and requirements and utilize deep expertise to create efficient technical solutions.
Our PHP programming services include:
Cost effective websites and web application development and maintenance;
Web solutions customization and optimization;
User friendly design and high performance;
SEO friendly solutions;
Large databases maintenance;
Compatibility with various operating systems and servers.
E-commerce Solutions
Millettech web development team has good experience in creating various e-commerce solutions to help our clients expand into new markets and enhance business efficiency by increase of sales, time-to-market delivery and business processes facilitation. Our specialists have strong commitment in comprehensive e-commerce solutions of various complexity and for different industries.
Our E-Commerce development solutions include:
Database driven shopping cart system;
Suitable online catalogues and purchase ordering system;
Registration and account creation;
Secure shopping cart solutions;
Built in CMS;
Credit card processing integration;
Payment Gateway Integration;
Inventory management system;
Multilingual support;
Multiple Payment Options;
Shipping Options.
Web Content Management System
At Millettech our web development experts provide CMS solutions for various websites and web applications to help storing, editing and controlling specific data which facilitates the content flow and smooth work. Our CMS solutions are generated to deliver automated up-to-date data changes and obtain applicable websites. Our CMS development solutions cover: content management and control; content store, publishing, search and editorial service; new content, data, files, pages creation and automation; keywords statistic and customization; Cross Browser support and different kinds of OS availability; integration with various applications.
Our CMS development services include:
Drupal Development;
Joomla Development;
OsCommerce Development;
Magento Development;
Wordpress Development;
X-Cart Development;
ZenCart Development
We provide CMS development services for our clients to help them utilize the advantages of high quality solutions and reduce the time and cost of their creation. Our CMS development solutions are enabled with a variety of features and functionality customized for specific business needs and clients requirements.
Our CMS development solutions cover with the following set of advantages:
Products catalogues with various categories of products which can be reviewed, ordered and managed;
An ability to make modifications and add new features;
An ability to add a variety of modules;
Ability to interact, communicate and post comments;
An ability to leave feedbacks and comments;
Multilingual support;
Email Confirmation;
Search feature;
RSS feeds;
X-Cart design, development, customization and integration;
Google Base Integration;
Payment opportunities;
Security options;
Different OS and servers support.
Flash/Flex Development
At Millettech our web development team has gained good experience in Flash/Flex development services by creating user friendly and interactive websites and web pages. Our Flash development solutions are interactive, affective and personalized for specific business requirements.
Our Flash/Flex development services include:
Flash/Flex website and pages design and development;
Affective look and loading speed;
Presentations, animations and banners creation;
Multimedia features;
Audio/Video Integration.
Website Maintenance
Our web development team provides high quality website maintenance services to help our clients make frequent data update and improve website performance by insuring smooth running of the website.
Our Website maintenance services include:
Adding of new features and content;
Constant technical support and smooth running of the website;
Regular analysis on traffic statistic;
Search engine optimization;
Timely response on all issues found and bugs fixing.
When outsource web development services to Millettech you earn the best quality thanks to:
Certified developers;
Vast experience and strong skills;
Individual approach;
Result oriented solutions;
24/7 support availability;
Intensive communication with customer at every stage of project development;
Flexible payment models.

5 Tips about product management outsourcing

Product management helps to create and maintain brand equity and keep a company well positioned within a market, that’s why it is a valuable asset to a company. For a pity, some small and even middle size businesses can’t permit product management. So as a solution in this situation we offer you finding a way to outsource that function.
Decide what sum of money you are allowed to invest in product management and how much of your product management responsibilities you need to outsource. It’s best to leave product management responsibilities in-house, but if you can’t spend such a big amount of money you can outsource it partly.
Decide what product management you want to outsource and interview numerous firms to understand all the aspects. Consulting outsourcing companies, which you can employ to provide this function to your company, are numerous and different from each other.
Point out duties of project manager, which you adjudge to keep in-house to appropriate development team’s members. As an example, let’s imagine the situation: you hire an outside firm to analyze and gather customer feedback. But be careful, because it might be more comfortable for you to prescribe your development and research manager to synthesize that feedback into features and requirements of the product.
Ask for concrete descriptions of past work they have done in this field and the results they have realized from that work while communicating with potential consulting firms. Keep in mind that choosen consulting firm, must has a proven track record of achieving results for current and past clients.
A firm, which you will hire, must show a clear understanding of your brand identity and is in touch with your future plans. It is highlighted already, that product management plays an integral role in the permanent growth of your company. You definitely have to make sure that any firm, chosen for outsourcing, matches with your vision of business.

Maximize Your Business Results with Effective Use of Online Tools & Technologies

Building a referral engine social medial
Small businesses and entrepreneurial startups are pretty much bootstrapped operations these days. Even the ones which score angel financing are sitting on overturned trash cans instead of fancy office chairs, and that’s as it should be. Being cheap allows you to spend money where it counts — on things like hiring great people to get the work done. One place you can save a lot of money is through the effective use of online marketing, search engine optimization and other web tools. Check out these helpful articles to get you on your way to creating a lean, mean entrepreneurial machine.
One of the essentials for success of a small business is having a strong referral strategy. John Jantsch, the marketing guru and author of best-seller Duct Tape Marketing, explains in his book The Referral Engine how to cheaply and effectively use dozens of online (and offline) tools to create a cheering section among your customer base. You can also listen to our interview with him here.
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
The most important part of effectively using the Web for marketing is the art of being found when potential customers do a search. Here’s a primer on the basics of SEO that will get you started on more sophisticated (and often free) use of Web marketing.
Building Your Email List Fast
A core component of effective marketing for small businesses is building an email list of prospects and customers. With the proper tools and discipline you can quickly grow your list to hundreds and thousands — and maybe even hundreds of thousands. Learn how to get started using free social media tools to gather names.
Choosing an Email Marketing Service
Sending emails to customers and prospects is an accepted part of small business marketing. But like a defendant representing himself in court, you’re a fool to send out emails yourself. There is a host of choices available of companies that offer easy creation of emails with attractive templates and even more importantly, excellent reporting information. That way you can judge the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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