Web Design and Development and Its Designers in Nowadays

With the development of the internet, website plays an increasing important role in our daily life. But what do we know about web design and development and its designers? All I have known is that they are not as simple as they seem to be.

When we talk about web design, we may encounter many topics that are not familiar to us. There are a lot of terminologies about it that are only familiar to a graphics development team. Web designers are those individuals or groups of people who have knowledge in website development. They are also equipped with knowledge in marketing and advertising techniques. They should also have knowledge in other fields of sciences like computer science, business accounting, programming, management and web development.

Web development deals with all necessary aspects needed for the creation and development of a website. They should create or formulate a plan about the different parts of a website. By doing this, they are more likely to create a professional website. Most companies that became successful in their online business have graphics development teams at their back.

All in all, web design and development is a professional and complex work. And it makes high requirements for its designers.

Website Design

A lot of people get tempted by good looking web templates. Some template vendors even offer do-it-yourself kits to their customers. Web templates are designed by experts, using the latest designing software. They look stunning, compared to web pages developed by other means. While readymade templates offer several advantages, they have some disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of using templates:
1.You can get web templates for free or at a low-price. But these templates are not unique. Many people may have already bought or downloaded the templates that you have chosen. If you cannot change the colors or layout a bit, your site looks like a clone of many sites. If you want a unique template design licensed only to you, you need to spend a fortune on it.
2.Often, templates don’t look good if you stretch them a bit. For example, if there is space for 100 words in a block and if you try to insert 200 words in that space, the template layout may change. And this may not look good. This puts Continue reading “Website Design”

P&T Global Company Website Successfully Finalized

On August 13th, 2011, Millettech has successfully finished the building of the website of Shanghai P&T Business Consulting Co., Ltd. This is a company website mainly doing trading business.
The website is an html (static) website with four language versions-Chinese, English, German and Spanish version. During the development of the website, we did logo design, web design, graphic design, html+CSS making, and flash making. Besides static pages to show users the introduction of the company, they also have some interesting tools on the website, such as world clock, currency converter, metric converter etc.
With the hard work of our designers and programmers, and the cooperation of our client, the website was successfully finished on August 13th, 2011. The domain is: http://www.pnt-global.com/
Here are some screenshots of the website:

Bad IT management habits: Break them before they break you

Every worker develops a few bad habits — maybe more than a few — as the years on the job add up. IT pros are no exception: They lose focus or jump to concEvery worker develops a few bad habits — maybe more than a few — as the years on the job add up. IT pros are no exception: They lose focus or jump to conclusions or put off niggling tasks that could be finished in minutes.lusions or put off niggling tasks that could be finished in minutes.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Identifying and understanding bad work habits might require a bit of soul-searching, but the benefits of such introspection can be myriad, workplace experts say.
By taking the time to step back and understand their particular stumbling blocks, IT managers stand to improve not only their ability to work productively, but also their job satisfaction, says Michael Ehling, a business consultant and a career coach with Balance Coaching in Toronto. Continue reading “Bad IT management habits: Break them before they break you”

Smartzu with Millettech.

Website development is always taking time. It takes more when you wish to have it in your own way, it takes much more especially when you wish to have it become perfect. Millettech leads the trend of website development industry. The company has take part in around 1000 websites development. Most of them are running on line and achieved different goals.
Recently, a website named Smartzu has been founded. It is aimed to have a share of the big cake “Group Buy” which got hot this year. The website has target at different market, the founders of the market Kasswy, Christine and John wish to attract foreigners who lives in China.