Pokemon Go: Trailblazer that could redefine mobile games

It seems stranger than fiction, but Pokemon Go – an app that has triggered a global phenomenon where millions of people obsessively capture small creatures in public spaces – was first introduced as an April Fool’s Day joke.

In 2014, YouTube published a mock sales pitch called Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge, which showed the corporation’s maps app overtaken by colourful monsters.

The video asked recruits to track down these critters using their phone’s GPS location data, and then capture them using their camera.

If you are still unsure about how to play Pokemon Go, or what it is, Google’s prank provides a pretty good guide.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that the studio that developed today’s blockbuster app, Niantic Labs, is itself a spin-out from Google.

Up until now, the central concept of mobile games has been something that can be enjoyed anywhere. They are pit-stops in daily routines.

But few games encourage playing while on the move like Pokemon Go does.

In order to succeed, players have to travel to destinations and visit landmarks previously unknown to them.

In doing so, the Pokemon Company – and Nintendo, which has a large stake in it – may have just harnessed the true potential of mobilised gaming.

Pokemon Go:
Trailblazer that could redefine mobile games

2016 Shanghai Unite successfully concluded

As Unity developers at home and abroad gathered in annual pageant, Unity, co-founder David Helgason, Unity, CEO John Riccitiello yoshitaka, Unity, Unity, greater China general manager, general manager of Analytics, John Cheng and other executives and many technical elite to attend the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech.

Unity co-founder David Helgason gives a speech. David Helgason said: at present, around the world, China has become the biggest a community Unity. In retrospect, 10 years ago, probably just 11 home studio in the Unity engine, by the fourth quarter of last year, 1000 best mobile game was 30% with the Unity and development. In the past 12 months, the Unity worldwide 12.2 billion downloads, and a third of them are from China.

John Riccitiello Unity2016 is expounded in focus, first priority is quality! Now a lot of innovation, the Unity but stability is extremely important. At the time of GDC, Unity has launched a new product schedule. Now the Unity to launch a completely stable version, is 5.3.4, can be used for everybody.

In addition, the Unity Analytics, general manager John Cheng (Zheng Jiaen) introducing the Unity Analytics, all of its functions and engine together. Ensures Unity Analytics from the first day you don’t need several SDK to cope with different platforms, helping developers to quickly create and put the data in a local analysis of the user’s behavior. With the SDK integrated directly into the engine for Unity Analytics SDK, developers no longer need to other writing code. In addition, John Cheng, also introduced the dashboard file records, export metadata, cloud directory. The Unity Analytics is still free, according to the authorization level, developers can get different corresponding function.

Break the national boundaries of the electricity

The EU proposed for cross-border online shopping to break the national boundaries of the electricity.Provisions of the region online retailers must support the cross-border online shopping behavior of consumers, which EU countries consumers can convenient from the site any EU countries for shopping.

The proposal aimed at ending the European commission pointed out some online retailers according to user’s location to the phenomenon of lock site entrance, which makes consumers have only themselves to log in the corresponding country version of the site, and most of the time the same online retailer sites in different countries the sale of the same price of the product is not the same.
The proposal will not only to the Amazon, eBay, Zalando sell physical goods, such as the European electricity business enterprise work, may also be restricted to provide other services online businesses, such as car rental platform, the platform, ticketing, etc.But at present, the proposal does not apply to copyright protection of the nature of online trading projects, such as books, music, games, etc. But the European commission said, do not rule out future will cover these areas.
In addition, according to the European commission’s statement, the hope that the proposal can increase the proportion of cross-border online shopping consumers (currently 15%). But many businessmen are pointed out, said the proposal without considering the deep reason of online retailers are set regional limit, such as different VAT rate and consumer protection rules. “It’s like to use glue stick to glue broken legs.”

At present, the European commission has submitted to the European parliament and the national government, the proposed scheme to form the legislation, but the final result still needs to be further tracking.

Arts Education Website website completed

Summer vacation is coming, we have completed a website belong to the Chuanghua Arts Education institutions. In order to promote art education, the website has convey both calligraphy, watercolor, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and seal cutting, there are pages to introduce and can sign up for courses. Website has left for readers the area of contact, give readers a better understanding of the company.

The project witnessed a great success.We have the confidence to meet the various demands of our clients.
Welcome to this website:http://www.chuanghua.org/

Website design of Simple Life

We are pleased to announced that Millettech successful developed a website for a e-commerce company,uksimplelife.co.uk.This website is the best choice for students,women,showrooming etc.Those dazzled product including the makeup,clothing, snacks and so on.And also,there There are a lot of favourable sales promotion.

Saluting to our diligent designer and participants , this website is very eye-catching,elegant and users-friendly and makes Simple Life convey the purpose.,that is make your life easy.

Some sample screenshots of Simple Life website are shown below:

2015,Millettech has finished a great update

In the coming nice future of 2015, Millettech has finished a great update, our registered capital from 500,000 RMB of 8 years ago to 5000,000 RMB of now. This is a big update. To Millettech also is amazing change.

In the passed 8 years, we were working hard together and overcoming issues one by one till today, with our sprit, so here is the Millettech.

The scope of business expanded from the single district to various, including: Computer hardware technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical services, graphic design, decoration design, Webpage design, network engineering, computer software and auxiliary equipment, digital products, communication equipment, communication equipment, security products, instruments, clothing, leather products, photographic equipment, audio equipment and equipment.

In order to setting a brilliant record in 2015, we teamed up with 500 strong domestic enterprises, and the government side by side, the domestic and foreign customers to work together. I hope in the new year, we can work together to a brilliant future.

Synthite website completed

July 21, 2014

Millettech has successfully constructed a fantastic website for Synthite, the world’s largest producer of spices,

high value-added products on July 21, 2014.

The website is mainly consisted of company introduction, business process, projects and products display functions.

The website shows users everything about this company from different perspective since each title shows each

category and sub category. This website is written in J2EE. Users can send letters or emails directly within

the website to the owner.

Thanks to our diligent designer, this website is very eye-catching and users-friendly and shows Synthite in a very detailed way. After the mutual corporation between Millettech and the

client, we have successfully finished the designing tasks and the outcome proves to be satisfying. Millettech

will try our best to serve every client well in order to maintain cooperation in the long run.

Some sample screenshots of Synthite website are shown below:

Website design of Tech Blast

July 21, 2014

Tech Blast is blog style website that was built by Millettech technical team during June, 2014.
The website contains many great funtionality that allow visitors to interact and leave their

feedback online. Tech Blast site also contains the newest social interactive sign in functionality

as well as YouTube integration tool. This will make visitors experience more

attractive and memorable.
The website is users-friendly, attractive in layout, thus the clients are very satisfied with the website. Some sample screenshots of Tech Blast website are shown below:

Millettech have successfully completed Taobao’s webpage design for WeiYi’s Health Maintenance Hall

Rich in experience as professional website custom designers ,Millettech shouldered the responsibility to design Taobao’s webpage for WeiYi Health Maintenance Hall. As Chinese people like TaoBao very much, Milllettech analyzed the design style of Taobao and WeiYi’s production, using green as the main color template, and adding product classification, selling, recommending, displaying and buying just to name a few features. This was made by skilled HTML, CSS & JavaScript and worked out favorably with the Web User Interface, which will help bring many customers for WeiYi. Millettech got favorable comments, and we both look forward to cooperation next time.

EWC logo: A perfect annotation to a new communication company from Millettech

Recently, Millettech have successfully achieved the cooperation of EWC for a logo design. EWC is an emerging company in the communication field, which devotes itself to making communication and exchange much more convenient and faster via communicating technology. With deep understanding of the requirements in detail, Millettech suggested a creative idea that the logo be made with the fingerprint, full name, and abbreviation of the company name. In pre-production, EWC has shown their preference for the colors black, white and silver. Based on these 3 colors, they combined fingerprint EWC provided, and the rich experience in logo design, Millettech achieved this project efficiently.