Shanghai High Tech Expo August 25th opening, the audience to experience the cabin to simulate C919 made large aircraft

Shanghai Beijing, August 25 Xinhua (reporter Zheng Yingying) 2017 (fourth) Shanghai International Science Fair (referred to as “Shanghai High Tech Expo”) opened in Shanghai on 25 May, China made large aircraft C919 simulation cabin debut, touted by the audience.

Chinese fly on the science center science teacher Feng Jing told reporters, in May 5th this year, Chinese made large aircraft C919 successful flight in Shanghai. This Expo, the Center specially designed with a C919 operating system is almost the same simulation class, let the audience to experience, “I believe that C919 is the long-awaited, on when the audience can experience the plane up and down and swing feeling, including aircraft landing bumpy feeling, can the real experience.”

The scene, experience a long line, although the experience of time is only 5 minutes, 72 year old Shanghai resident Wang Peifei said his “lucky” experience C919, “off, in front of the runway, the staff side of the operation side told us, really like on the plane as. ”

In addition, the Expo, unmanned sightseeing car also attracted attention.

Intelligent car network researcher Zhou Liu introduction, sightseeing car while riding a security officer, but he is not to touch the steering wheel and the brake pedal, just to protect the safety of passengers.

She pointed out that now everyone on autopilot is curious, also worried that the technology is mature, will cause some accidents, “so our car is to allow the public access to automatic driving in advance, to let everyone know that the autopilot is also very safe, even more than the human machine without emotion, more reliable.”

It is reported that “science, better life” as the theme of the exhibition by the China Association of science and technology as the guide unit, Shanghai City, Shanghai city article wide Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai science and Technology Museum jointly organized in 22000 square meters of exhibition space, a total of “knowledge, knowledge, knowledge of life science and technology the next three themed areas, attracted from 13 countries in the United States, Britain and France and other regions more than 350 science and technology enterprises, science and technology parks, research institutions and universities to participate in, the number reached more than 3500 pieces of exhibits

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