Monthly Archives: May 2014

Millettech have successfully completed Taobao’s webpage design for WeiYi’s Health Maintenance Hall

Rich in experience as professional website custom designers ,Millettech shouldered the responsibility to design Taobao’s webpage for WeiYi Health Maintenance Hall. As Chinese people like TaoBao very much, Milllettech analyzed the design style of Taobao and WeiYi’s production, using green … Read More >>

EWC logo: A perfect annotation to a new communication company from Millettech

Recently, Millettech have successfully achieved the cooperation of EWC for a logo design. EWC is an emerging company in the communication field, which devotes itself to making communication and exchange much more convenient and faster via communicating technology. With deep … Read More >>

Millettech have created an exquisite webpage design for the Sumerian coffee in TaoBao.

As internet shopping prevails in China nowadays, Sumeria planned on opening in the Chinese market. Speaking more on that, Taobao shopping is very popular, and because of the high alignment between Millettech’s quality design and product positioning, they have chosen … Read More >>