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Introduction of Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when mobile phones had used only for the purpose of making voice calls. The first mobile phone, during testing, weighed about 30 pounds, and the applications installed on it had only designed to support outgoing and … Read More >>

An introduction to mobile applications

The fast emerging world of mobile applications for corporates is introduced, using easy to follow concepts and examples, centred on existing corporate strategy.Moving to the world of mobile involves a degree of change. Changing internal processes, changing the way customers … Read More >>

Offshore Web Development Services

Millettech web development team is one of the biggest departments in our offshore software development company and offers full circle of web development services to help our clients optimize their business performance on the market. Our professional web development company … Read More >>

5 Tips about product management outsourcing

Product management helps to create and maintain brand equity and keep a company well positioned within a market, that’s why it is a valuable asset to a company. For a pity, some small and even middle size businesses can’t permit … Read More >>

Maximize Your Business Results with Effective Use of Online Tools & Technologies

Building a referral engine social medial Small businesses and entrepreneurial startups are pretty much bootstrapped operations these days. Even the ones which score angel financing are sitting on overturned trash cans instead of fancy office chairs, and that’s as it … Read More >>

5 Ways to Accentuate Your Web Page

As a website designer, you may want to highlight a particular element in certain situations. This element can be a particular aspect of the content, a graph, or even the web page layout. A good way of highlighting this particular … Read More >>

Web Technology in Marketing: Friend or Foe?

Every independent professional should have a web site, an ezine, and an email marketing strategy, right? If you’re not taking maximum advantage of web technology to market your professional services, you are behind the times, and missing out on huge … Read More >>