Millettech publish the new service and new product for 2017

Millettech start at December 12 2005,till now our expertise team worked more than 10 years. We’ve help hundreds of entrepreneur build up their website to broaden their business, .We also have project cooperate with government as environmental test system ,financial information management system and political judgment system and so on, helping government work more efficiently.
Our main business including: Set the website for companies and government, set the domain name and host, design the homepage and set every small function as client asked, build up the application for all type of phone, make it convenient to be checked on phone.
First part of our Business: E commerce
We provide following service:
Millettech tire bar code stocking sellingand storing management system
Millettech banking management system
Millettech commercial aviation internalnetwork platform
Millettech enterprise informationmanagement system and development tools
Secondpart of our business:
APP development
Wecan offer this service. For you we will develop an application for the mobileplatforms from Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android (Google, HTC, etc.) orWindows mobile phones, with a top design. We will make a direct and fast menustructure and operation. We will extend high-class software for safety andsubsequent upgrades to you. Of course, we can also assist you to launch anddivulge your application. Moreover we have a variety of functions that we canoffer to you, such as Wi-Fi and GPS connection, integration of SMS / E-mailfunction, functional lins with sensors, static / dynamic database connections,news ticker, animations, 3D games and graphics.
Thirdpart of our business:
Online marketing promotion
We will be based on yourproject to develop a highly efficient marketing methods suitable for you, boostyour project progress.
Carried out early in theproject, a good marketing plan will become particularly important, projectsuccess of the first step is to spread it widely, let consumers familiar withits performance and product, this is what we need to do the work, from allangles to identify the target for market development.
Main product:
e-commercesite management system
e-commerce site management system is a set ofASP + MSSQL technology based on the Web e-commerce program. e-commerce sitemanagement system main function: the use of the cache update processing,building block query display, background HTML template management, e-commercesite management system Home goods and shops self-recommendation function,supports up to three auction mode Price, a price and only the most upsetthree), support online recharge (CHINABANK), Alipay button payment, merchandisesupport for multiple pictures, four classification settings, also has virtualcurrency, user fees shop, commodity landing charges, News, advertisement, JSmanagement, friendship links, transaction reminder e-mail, transaction creditevaluation, station SMS, information filtering, user IP address restrictions,background sub-rights management functions, aimed at the majority of Internetfriends to provide a fair trade auction Of the business platform.
Changes in the elements into the custom softwarefunctions, the use of the latest software technology to develop commercialsoftware. The goal of the product is to help customers to quickly establishinternal communication platform and information publishing platform, andrealize the automation of work flow and document management, and establish aflexible, flexible, efficient and safe electronic collaborative office andknowledge management environment.
The main function
Internal communication platform
Use e-mail to communicate with people in yourorganization to create, send, receive, read, and respond to messages.
◇Online SMS
You can instantly perceive the user is online, youcan use the online SMS function for real-time communication and message.
You can send SMS, when important work arrives inthe form of SMS notification will be sent to non-online mobile phone users, toensure timely notification of important events.

Information dissemination platform
◇electronic bulletin
Can publish a variety of public information suchas announcements, notices or notices and so on. Each department can also createits own announcement system.
Electronic Forum
Provide users with a space for informationexchange, thought communication and problem discussion. They can initiate andcreate a certain topic according to their needs. Other people can talk freelyand speak freely, including consulting, answering and collecting opinions.
◇electronic publications
To achieve online collection, editing andpublishing units within the publication. The journal editors will filter,compile and publish the information and publish it on the web. All the userscan participate in the publication and read the published publications.
Onlinetraining system
Online training system is the use of modern ITtechnology, with the help of the Internet and enterprise LAN to helpenterprises to establish a virtual online training platform. The onlinelearning system includes several modules, such as employee training coursesetup, learning tracking, online training and examination system, etc. It hasthe characteristics of independent and flexible, two-way interaction, etc., andit helps the employees to build and manage online learning and offlinetraining. Learning-oriented enterprises to provide a sound learning managementplatform, learning resources platform, enterprise knowledge managementplatform.

Online training system can helpenterprises to improve training effectiveness, save training costs, companiescan use online training system to do:
1, make full use of internal training resources,to create repeated use of learning content
2, reduce training costs, significant savings inface-to-face training costs, such as teacher fees, venue costs, travel costs.
3, reduce the loss of employees leaving.
4, to improve training efficiency, combined withface-to-face training, can maximize the training efficiency.
Ecological red line and geographical detectionsystem
Environmental Science Research Institute ofHubei province responsible for the province’s ecological red line data of Hubeiprovince construction tasks, in order to better implement the “nationalecological protection red – ecological red line delineated” technicalguidelines on building ecological red line and drawing the actual work, need tobuild a geographic information system (GIS) based the ecological red datadisplay and management platform, using the rich client technology to provideusers with beautiful experience, good interface, can on the ecological redHubei province data of multiple types of information display, attribute query,and statistics for a variety of constraints to aid decision making area, otherecological rationality of the project through correlation analysis at the sametime provide the ecological red line data itself can dynamically update, editand management functions, implement the ecological red number in Hubei ProvinceAccording to the electronic management database and related thematic map.
Aging office distribution system
At present, there are many problems, such as thehigh speed, the old age, the large base, the big difference, the low level ofcommunity endowment, the low awareness of self pension and social pension. Theold age allowance can solve the basic living problems of the elderly, and itplays an important role in improving the quality of life of the elderly. Theallowance in accordance with the “General requirements of low level, widecoverage, basic, multi-level, sustainable innovation, elderly welfare system,perfect old-age security service system, establish a long-term mechanism toensure the basic living needs of the elderly.
Agricultural products origin soil heavy metalpollution census monitoring data management software
Theconstruction of theme includes the database system construction and applicationsystem construction, database system including heavy metal monitoring database,GIS based data sources (including land types and elevation DEM) and modellibrary, the application system construction including the monitoring data ofthe heavy metals spatial analysis, measurement system analysis (includingexceed the standard, early warning function), the monitoring data of the heavymetals pollution, query system the representative area forecast, risk analysisand forecast.
Meteorological product information system
First, the introduction of accurate, convenientand rapid transfer of meteorological products to the user, in a sense, is toindirectly improve the accuracy of the forecast. At present, the meteorologicalproducts distributed mainly by telephone, television, radio and oral mail etc..With the rapid development of economy, some professional users who aresensitive to meteorological information have been less and less satisfied. Theyrequire not only the meteorological department of meteorological forecastproducts conclusive, also provide some requirements such as satellite images,radar echo and transmission means of meteorological information, meteorologicalinformation is also put forward higher requirements. With the popularizationand application of computer communication technology in the meteorologicaldepartment of our country in 80s, a kind of modern meteorological information transmissiontool, the remote meteorological terminal, was born.

Windows 10 update stops webcams working

A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.

The update, released earlier this month, stops many cameras being used for Skype or to broadcast and stream footage.

The cause seems to be a change in the way Windows 10 handles video so it can be used by more than one program at a time.

Microsoft said it was working on a fix but has not given any date for when the patch will be available.

‘Poor job’

Soon after Windows Update 1607 was distributed in early August, many people started reporting webcam problems to Microsoft via its support site. The trouble affected both webcams connected via USB cables or on the same network and meant either that footage could not be streamed, or that images froze after a while.

The problems even affected webcams working with Skype and Lync – both companies owned by Microsoft.

Comments on the support thread suggest millions of people have been inconvenienced by the bug. Some companies said customers who used webcams for internet banking had complained because they could no longer verify transactions.

Analysis put the blame on changes to the video encoding systems with which Windows 10 works. The update ends support for two widely used encoding systems so it became possible for more than one application to use video as it is being shot. Prior to the update Windows 10 only allowed one application access to a stream.

A Microsoft camera engineer who responded to complaints on the support thread said the company had done “a poor job” of letting people know about the change.

“We dropped the ball on that front, so I’d like to offer my apologies to you all,” he said.

He added that Microsoft was working on a way to fix the problem and get webcams working again. The fix is likely to be released in September.

Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the problem.

Changes to the way Microsoft handles updates also seem to have made the problem harder to fix. Prior to update 1607, Windows 10 users could roll-back to a previous version within 30 days of it being installed. The update cut that to 10 days giving people little chance to switch back to the earlier version of Windows 10 under which their webcams worked.


Facebook launches Lifestage app for school teens

Facebook has launched a new social media app aimed at school teenagers.

Members of Lifestage, currently only available on Apple devices in the US, upload pictures and videos based around feelings, likes and dislikes. These are then turned into video profiles.

All posts are public and there are no options to restrict viewing. The idea is to connect members of the same school, its creator said.

One expert told the BBC the lack of privacy settings was a concern.

School members can view each other’s profiles once the individual school has registered 20 members or more.

Users aged more than 21 are only able to view their own profiles.

However the app warns that it cannot guarantee whether all its users are genuine.

“We can’t confirm that people who claim to go to a certain school actually go to that school. All videos you upload to your profile are fully public content,” it says.

Lifestage has no messaging functionality but users can display contact details from other sites such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The app currently has a 2.5 star rating on the iTunes store with comments describing it as “kinda sorta creepy” and “confusing”.


IT lead art to an amazing level

An amazing online shop:Drawing your life

They offer oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories, including Abstract oil paintings, Impressionism oil paintings, Still life oil paintings, Landscape oil paintings, Animal, Mediterranean Sea, Flower, Cottages Oil Painting, etc. Besides, calligraphy, water painting and ink paintings are also offered. Their painters are all talented artists with Bachelor degrees, museum quality is guaranteed. All of their oil paintings are hand painted with its special meaning.

Paintings are their soul and life. They offer the lowest prices for our masterpieces oil painting reproduction on the planet.

Their mission is to provide the best valuable paintings and service for wholesale distributors, hotels, galleries, restaurants, interior designers, and consumers as well.

Shop Site:

How Technology is Transforming Healthcare

Disabling hearing loss affects 360 million people around the world – impacting on their education, career prospects and social life. It can be caused by infections, exposure to loud noise or the use of particular drugs – as well as simply getting older. In some parts of the world it’s difficult for people to see a doctor about this “invisible” problem. The British company Cupris has developed a small attachment for a smartphone which means you can take pictures and videos of the ear canal. These can be shared with experts all over the world, to screen for common ear problems. The device has already been trialled in Nepal – and now a larger study is underway in the south of England.

Air Pollution in New Delhi
More than 80% of people who live in urban areas which monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels which beat WHO limits – and low low-income cities are worst hit. One such city is Delhi – where the lungs of half of all children are damaged by minute particles – created mainly by emissions from motor vehicles. A public health doctor who is based in the city, Nitish Dogra, decided to use WhatsApp to send out ultra-local readings from a pollution sensor to subscribers wanting to avoid the worst effects of the fumes.

A remote breathalyser could transform the lives of recovering alcoholics in the United States, where 88,000 people die every year from alcohol-related causes. The device – which has been given premarket clearance by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use – avoids the need for costly and time-consuming lab tests. The user blows into the device which then takes a photo to verify their identity and sends the result to their doctor via a secure server. Any positive results, which might occur because of the use of mouthwash containing alcohol, trigger an alert to re-test.

“Smart” Surgical Stitches
Surgical thread used in operations which can send a text message to medical staff that an infection is brewing could revolutionise healthcare. Researchers at Tufts University in Boston have coated threads with nano-scale sensors to detect temperature, pH changes and whether stitches are under strain inside a wound. They say that the technology could also be used for surgical implants, “smart” bandages and even hip replacements. So far the threads have been tested in animals, but the researchers are now looking for volunteers to trial the stitching at skin level.

(Photo caption: The Cupris otoscope is used to capture and share images of a patient’s eardrum to get a remote diagnosis from a doctor © Cupris Ltd )


2016 ShenZhen International Internet of Things Technologies and Smart China Exhibition The 8th Asia Smart Card and RFID Technologies Exhibition & Trade Show

Exhibition Date: Aug 18 – 20, 2016
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer: International Internet of Things Business and Application Promotion Association
Official website

Introduction of China International IOTE 2016 & Asia Smart Card & RFID Exhibition

China International IOTE 2016 & Asia Smart Card & RFID Exhibition is the largest exhibition of its kind not only in China, but also in Asia. It is an important showcasing and trading & communication platform for the whole industry chain of IOT/ RFID/ Smart Card technologies.

The First session of Smart Card & RFID Exhibition was held in 2009. During the past 8 years, the scale of this expo has expanded fast with its influence far reaching. The number of exhibitors has grown from 98 to 385 in 2015, with corresponding growth of attendance from 7000 to 29,863 in 2015. There were international visitors from 20 countries – Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US. In 2016, we estimate, more than 400 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors will participate in the exhibition.

What are we Exhibiting in 2016 Internet of things and Smart China

  • 1. RFID products( RFID Chip,RFID label antenna,RFID standard cards or RFID labels, Special RFID tags, Manufacturing machine of RFID card or labels,RFID reader chips RFID reader module,RFID reader antenna,Active RFID products and systems, RFID middleware,NFC technologies and products,etc)
  • 2. The latest IoT products and applications, such as smart home, smart transportation,smart medicare,smart grid,smart toys,and etc.
  • 3. Sensing Network(Various of low-power, high-performance physical sensors, chemistry sensors, biometric sensors,sensor network nodes, RTLS, GPS and GIS.)
  • 4. Smart Card (Smart Card ManufacturingManufacturing material of cards Smart card reader System Integration Other Intelligent Identification product and system
  • 5. Core Control Chip and Embedded Chip Control chip in IOT applications, includes MCU, DSP, ADC, GUI, MEMS, protocol chips, interface control chips and all-in-one chips.
  • 6. Telecommunication Technologies and Products
  • 7. RFID/Smart Card example applications
  • 8. Bar Coding


Pokemon Go: Trailblazer that could redefine mobile games

It seems stranger than fiction, but Pokemon Go – an app that has triggered a global phenomenon where millions of people obsessively capture small creatures in public spaces – was first introduced as an April Fool’s Day joke.

In 2014, YouTube published a mock sales pitch called Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge, which showed the corporation’s maps app overtaken by colourful monsters.

The video asked recruits to track down these critters using their phone’s GPS location data, and then capture them using their camera.

If you are still unsure about how to play Pokemon Go, or what it is, Google’s prank provides a pretty good guide.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that the studio that developed today’s blockbuster app, Niantic Labs, is itself a spin-out from Google.

Up until now, the central concept of mobile games has been something that can be enjoyed anywhere. They are pit-stops in daily routines.

But few games encourage playing while on the move like Pokemon Go does.

In order to succeed, players have to travel to destinations and visit landmarks previously unknown to them.

In doing so, the Pokemon Company – and Nintendo, which has a large stake in it – may have just harnessed the true potential of mobilised gaming.

Pokemon Go:
Trailblazer that could redefine mobile games

2016 Shanghai Unite successfully concluded

As Unity developers at home and abroad gathered in annual pageant, Unity, co-founder David Helgason, Unity, CEO John Riccitiello yoshitaka, Unity, Unity, greater China general manager, general manager of Analytics, John Cheng and other executives and many technical elite to attend the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech.

Unity co-founder David Helgason gives a speech. David Helgason said: at present, around the world, China has become the biggest a community Unity. In retrospect, 10 years ago, probably just 11 home studio in the Unity engine, by the fourth quarter of last year, 1000 best mobile game was 30% with the Unity and development. In the past 12 months, the Unity worldwide 12.2 billion downloads, and a third of them are from China.

John Riccitiello Unity2016 is expounded in focus, first priority is quality! Now a lot of innovation, the Unity but stability is extremely important. At the time of GDC, Unity has launched a new product schedule. Now the Unity to launch a completely stable version, is 5.3.4, can be used for everybody.

In addition, the Unity Analytics, general manager John Cheng (Zheng Jiaen) introducing the Unity Analytics, all of its functions and engine together. Ensures Unity Analytics from the first day you don’t need several SDK to cope with different platforms, helping developers to quickly create and put the data in a local analysis of the user’s behavior. With the SDK integrated directly into the engine for Unity Analytics SDK, developers no longer need to other writing code. In addition, John Cheng, also introduced the dashboard file records, export metadata, cloud directory. The Unity Analytics is still free, according to the authorization level, developers can get different corresponding function.

Break the national boundaries of the electricity

The EU proposed for cross-border online shopping to break the national boundaries of the electricity.Provisions of the region online retailers must support the cross-border online shopping behavior of consumers, which EU countries consumers can convenient from the site any EU countries for shopping.

The proposal aimed at ending the European commission pointed out some online retailers according to user’s location to the phenomenon of lock site entrance, which makes consumers have only themselves to log in the corresponding country version of the site, and most of the time the same online retailer sites in different countries the sale of the same price of the product is not the same.
The proposal will not only to the Amazon, eBay, Zalando sell physical goods, such as the European electricity business enterprise work, may also be restricted to provide other services online businesses, such as car rental platform, the platform, ticketing, etc.But at present, the proposal does not apply to copyright protection of the nature of online trading projects, such as books, music, games, etc. But the European commission said, do not rule out future will cover these areas.
In addition, according to the European commission’s statement, the hope that the proposal can increase the proportion of cross-border online shopping consumers (currently 15%). But many businessmen are pointed out, said the proposal without considering the deep reason of online retailers are set regional limit, such as different VAT rate and consumer protection rules. “It’s like to use glue stick to glue broken legs.”

At present, the European commission has submitted to the European parliament and the national government, the proposed scheme to form the legislation, but the final result still needs to be further tracking.

Arts Education Website website completed

Summer vacation is coming, we have completed a website belong to the Chuanghua Arts Education institutions. In order to promote art education, the website has convey both calligraphy, watercolor, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting and seal cutting, there are pages to introduce and can sign up for courses. Website has left for readers the area of contact, give readers a better understanding of the company.

The project witnessed a great success.We have the confidence to meet the various demands of our clients.
Welcome to this website: